Business Strategy

The digital world is moving faster and faster each day. In this ever changing landscape, business needs to evaluate how to bring their core offerings to the digital world. We work closely with clients to create digital business cases that help their brands thrive in the future.

Product Innovation

Besides looking for business opportunities, Insomatic and our clients co create digital products and services. We take a fresh idea or an existing product/services and make it relevant for today’s world. All the way from ideation/concept through to final product.

Innovation Labs

We work with our clients to imagine what the future of their business will look like. In a compressed time period we work together to dream the future and rapidly create the prototype. The end result is a prototype that our clients then work with us to bring to their customers. Apart from this Insomatic also creates our own SAAS and projects that we see as revelant to the market and to improve the team's skillset.'