Case study

1. The Problem

What to eat and where to eat have always been the biggest question for anyone. With all the tech and data availble how can we help on this problem?

2. The Thought Process

The biggest challenge is how can we consolidate and make sense of the data that is available to the users. How can we help users to easily navigate through the data that we have easily and discover places that suits them best.

3. The Solution

MonkeyWee categories places based on its region and utilizes location data to suggest and show what could be good for the users. The team also incorporated Ask Emma which is a recommender that will suggess places for the users based on the data that we have and also user behaviour, preferrences and past data.

MonkeyWee developed by Insomatic


Easily navigate through the maps by moving around the map to check out awesome places.

MonkeyWee place detail developed by Insomatic

Place details

Get in depth detail about the place including the operation hours and reviews. This ensure the place suit your preferrence and is operating on your time of visit.

MonkeyWee Ask Emma, developed by Insomatic

Ask Emma

Ask Emma is an recommender that help users to decide what and where to eat. It utilizes collected data and recommend the place that you should eat.

MonkeyWee features, developed by Insomatic

Admin features

MonkeyWee also have an admin management system for its outlet merchant. The system allow the merchant to push notifications to nearby members about off peak promotions and discounts

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