Case study

1. The Problem

Digital agencies and brand have difficulty to manage and showcase user generated content (UGC). Brands usually have multiple campaigns and events going on each week and deployment always troube them.

2. The Thought Process

The biggest challenge we found how can we speed up the creation of campaigns and how can we make easy to use do it yourself system for the clients.

3. The Solution

We designed a SAAS solution where clients can easily signup themselves and start using the system. UI/UX was the core priority. The app includes a reporting dashboard, approval systems and a build in tour to help get the clients started on how to use the system.

Hamele landing page, developed by Insomatic

Landing page

Minimalistic design with call to action to get the client started on using the SAAS app.

Hamele Dashboard developed by Insomatic


Hamele dashboard. Simplified yet powerful overview of the campaign status. View and approval metrics right at the client's fingertips.

Hamele approval system, developed by Insomatic

Instagram approval

Easily approve and add content to your social media campaign. All data are stored and can be used for analysis after the campaign have ended.

Hamele tour, developed by Insomatic


We added a build in tour to help users to learn how to use the system. After the tour users will be good enough to run their own campaigns

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